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One teacher, one student

Private tutoring by one student with one teacher will help you better to understand “Bahasa” well

Adjusted schedule

 You can request the schedule and it will be match with available schedule. Approved schedule will be permanent  till the end of programe

Adjusted learning Target

 All material will be delivered based on your daily communication need. it is also possible to request some specific material as long as for general communication

kursus bahasa Indonesia Batam

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Registration Fee: Rp. 500.000

Tuition Fee : Rp 9. 800.000

20x meetings 

60 minutes/meeting

terms and conditions

1.  Requested schedule will be permanent after approved by management

2.  Learning will be held in student/client place

3.  Class will be started 3 days after full payment 

4.  Cancelation only accepted 3 times during the learning process.

5.  the regular meeting is only twice in a week ( except, the student/client requests more before the schedule issued

Alamat Kursus

Jl. Laksamana Bintan, Komplek Aku Tahu 2 Blok FF No 2 (Belakang Sekolah Yehonala)
WA : 0812-1311-0002

Ruko Kepri Mall No. 40, Batam Center
WA : 0823-9154-6700

Ruko Muka Kuning Indah 2 Blok F1 No. 3
(Samping Kimia Farma Aviari)
WA: 0812-6193-2223

Jl Tiban 1 Blok D No 154
WA: 0822-1100-0201

Email :

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